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August 28, 2012

Nathalie Horton Rides Your Cock

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Here is a great POV video on a tall blond riding a guy’s cock, and from this point of view, it is perfectly easy to put yourself in the movie and enjoy a fabulous fantasy.

Nathalie Rides Cock

October 24, 2008

Missy Nicole from Amazing POV Sluts 8

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Oh man, that is just hot.  I am going to give VideosZ a huge plug here for they have just about the biggest collection of point of view xxx movies I have seen.  They list over 1,400 scenes, though I can say from experience that a couple hundred of those only have POV in part of the scene, and not the full scene.  Either way it is a tremendously huge collection.  I was a bit turned off by the Xvid format at first because I didn’t even know wht it was.  But they have a link to downlaod a free player, so I downloaded Zoom Player – and it is a kick ass free movie player that I use for lots of stuff now, and the Xvid movies look really sharp at full screen.  You can stream or download in full lenght..  You can literally download 100′s of GB of movies no problem.  If you are looking for Mpegs or WMV’s though, then you need to try somewhere else.

Natasha Go-Go Girl

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Natasha Nices POV Videos
Natasha Nice’s POV Videos

Now this is a funky outfit.  I am not sure what they are going for, but they call it a “60′s go-go girl” look.  Whatever. Nice rack.

Melanie from POV Fantasy

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Melanie Scotts POV clips.
Melanie Scott’s POV clips.

Oh hello, Melanie!  Another sexy outfit.  I just want to thank everyone at POV Fantasy for having the women keep their sexy outfits on for most of the scene.  Makes it so much hotter.

Sexy Cowgirl

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Cowgirl POV movies

Yeeha! Hot damn! Lacie looks fine in this movies!

Julia Bond’s POV Porn Clips

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Julia Bond is so damn hot it is ridiculous.  She is just a sex pot.  She has been around too long, but is building up quite a reputation.  Her big, firm tits (fake) look great, and she is just nasty, doing lesbian and anal and seeming to get really into most scenes she is in.  I am a fan.

Cory Everson from POV Casting Couch 9

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I like this busty babe for some reason.  Maybe because I used to have the hots for that female fitness babe named Cory Everson.  Some bj and doggie style in these clips.

Review of POV Fantasy

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Verdict: About 50 very well done & sexy original full length POV movies.  Worth it to me because the movies are better than most I have ever seen, though the DVD download sites have way more movies.

Details:  I was attracted to this site by the samples on their site.  The good news is that the movies are of stellar quality, and very erotic.  Way better than most stuff on DVD in my opinion.  Sexier women, hot clothes, good setups, etc.  But there are only about 50 of them (not including bonus sites).  Which still beats the hell out of buying them on DVD, but VideosZ will let you download a 1,000 point of view movies for the same price.  However, you do get about 20 bonus site when you join included free, and that adds about a thousand more assorted hardcore movies of different genres (anal, creampie, lesbian, etc).

The videos can be downloaded or streamed in full length in a variety of formats (WMV at 1400k/sec and 450k and Real at 350k).  The highest quality looks good at full screen, but not quite as sharp as movies that are 2500k/sec and up. 

So in summary, the quality of these movies is about as high as I have seen, I just wish they had a few more.  50 is a good amount for an all original site, but it just can’t compete with the DVD download sites on quantity.

Brynn Tyler

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Some hot videos here.  Is a tie now standard for school uniforms?  POV Fantasy seems to think so, because they love this style of outfit, and they usually have the tie thing on – which is odd for women – but what do I know about fashion.

Ann Marie from POV Fantasy

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Some great clips.  Ann Marie is just so natural and cute that this is one of my favs of all time.  This scene actually made me join POV Fantasy, which I will review shortly.

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